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Make Money From Home While Social Distancing

In today’s uncertain environment, with 10,000’s of jobs at risk, and people being forced to stay at home and isolate, there has NEVER been a more important time to get creative and find ways to make money from home. 

For so long, many people have craved the freedom to work from their homes, with flexible hours, while taking care of their kids, and we are entering a phase where this is no longer a dream for many, but actually a fundamental requirement. Job security, in today’s environment, is sadly no longer what it used to be. Recent events have shown us that it is time to take matters into your own hands. 

We have watched how the economy and society has changed so dramatically over the past few weeks and felt grateful that we had built a sustainable business that enabled us to make money from home. It caused minimal disruption when it was announced that our kids could no longer attend school, and we would be forced into isolated for an indefinite amount of time. And we realise that not everyone is so lucky. 

We started our business in 2016, after deciding we had had enough of the corporate rat race and it was time to choose a more sustainable way of life. We chose instead to work from home while being there for our children and being able to provide for our families. It is easier than you think to make money from home. So, we have decided that right now we want to help as many women as possible to be able to have the freedom and flexibility that we have created for ourselves, and take the pressure off during these changing times. 

We had started building a training program to help mothers learn how to start their own freelance businesses back in 2018, because we really felt that this was the future for so many women struggling to balance work and home life. We kept putting off the release due to our own business growing at such a rapid pace. But as we watch how COVID19 is affecting the lives of so many families, we knew we had to put this out right now to help as many women who are feeling anxious and scared.

Even once this pandemic is over, the economic and business landscape will look very different to what it did back in even January this year. So whether you use freelancing during this time to provide you with extra income to “fill the gap”, or whether this situation has encouraged you to reassess what is important to you, we want to help YOU ensure you ride the waves of this storm as effortlessly as possible and rest with peace in mind that you can support your family regardless. 

We genuinely see freelancing as the way forward in these challenging times. Want to know more about how this might be possible for you? Join our FREE facebook group where we share tips, advice, and live Q&As to help you start making money from home as soon as possible!

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