Want to earn a full time income from home, while working part time around your family?

Here’s to strong women. May we know them.  May we be them.  May we raise them.

We believe that women are the change-makers of the world.

We believe it is our calling to empower other women to take charge in their own lives.

We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to be independent and self reliant.

We believe in collaboration over competition. There is more than enough of everything for everyone.

We believe that that the days of needing a college degree to make a decent wage are over.

We believe that you can have a business that supports you in your role as Mom, chauffeur, chef, therapist, and cheerleader.

We believe that every woman deserves to live the life she wants. Every. Single. Woman.

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So... What's Next?

If you need more flexibility in your life, you’re tired of being dependent on somebody else for income (and time off!) and you feel like you want to be able to spend more time with your kids…

Then I would suggest checking out Money Making Mama.

Join us in the free Facebook group and see if MMM is a good fit for you where you can learn the skills to be a booked out VA, build your online business, and provide for your family, all while being able to be home with your babes.

You too can earn more money working fewer hours, have more freedom to make your own schedule, a schedule that works for you, and build something for yourself, that’s all your own.